Our Staff

Whether you have questions, concerns, or just want to get to know the staff of Tenino Elementary School better, we’re always available. The staff of TES is enthusiastic about the success of our students, so we’re always eager to hear from both students and parents. Teachers are always available to answer questions about class schedules or homework, to set up parent/teacher meetings, and recommend learning tools.

Charles (Charly) Harrington Principal (360) 264.3720
Susanne Miller Administrative Assistant (360) 264.3720
Judy Goebel Assistant Secretary (360) 264.3721
Judy Goebel Lunch Program
District Support
Joanne Mabbot Executive Director of Student Services
Tracy Bray Student and Family Support Liaison
Dave Bagby Psychologist
Glenn Fleming Maintenance
Ian Hand Maintenance
Noel Grayless Maintenance

Gary Witley
Music and Technology View Website

Brandi Thomas
PE Teacher

Learning Support

Vicki Agnew
LAP/TITLE, Data, and Assessment Coordinator

Caroline Stage
Target Learning Center Specialist