Welcome to Tenino Elementary, the proud home of Tenino the Tiger!

We are a community of third, fourth, and fifth grade students learning, growing, and mastering a host of skills in preparation for careers, continuing education, and success in life. Our staff and volunteers take pride in the excitement, rigor, and passion that we infuse into the learning process.

Please feel free to visit our Staff page to contact your child’s teacher or specialists or use the Contact Us page for our address or phone number. We look forward to hearing from you.

A Message from our Principal

Hello Tenino Families,

Mr. Harrington

It’s spring! I consider myself a true Northwest kind of guy, but this last winter was really long and hard. I’m so happy it’s getting warmer and hopefully a little drier. As we begin the last two months of the school year we continue to place emphasis on all academics, especially math. One of the most important habits we are teaching students is the ability to persevere when solving story problems. Sometimes students get frustrated and give up. Instead, we encourage them to hang in there, try different strategies, and exercise a growth mindset. It’s not that they don’t understand, it’s that they don’t understand yet!

One way you can help at home is to connect mathematical concepts to real life. Everyday situations like cooking or shopping can be great opportunities to practice math. Ask your child to predict how much several items might cost, then compare their answer with the receipt. Kids love guessing about money! Ask them to share their reasoning and what strategies they used. Another fun way to integrate math at home is to play board games such as Uno, Connect Four, or Cribbage. These games help kids identify patterns and develop number sense. These simple, fun activities can go a long way in reinforcing important academic skills at home.

I am proud to be your principal. Thank you for your support, and Go, Tigers! 

Mr. Harrington

Mr. Charles (Charly) Harrington, Principal